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Friday, March 03, 2006

Not an Easy Life

Ragna Kronstad is a Norwegian friend of mine who I have met the last summer when she was visiting Iran. She sends me an email from Oslo some awhile and I write her a reply. Yesterday she sent me an email and asks about how we are passing our lives these days in Iran. She is a successful Norwegian journalist in Energy and due to this fact, cares about the Iranian nuclear story. I just decided to write her a full reply but there was no mood for it and nor any its accuracy.
To be polite, I wrote her in few words that I would write her about the question in detail and admitted in brief “I would write for you about our everyday life as soon as I identified it myself that how does it going! You know, here in Iran, we are experiencing a rapid passing history in which we have at least a key important issue to think about, everyday! That is not an easy life Ragna, not easy! ...”
I was just ending my letter to Ragna with an ordinary Best Wishes that suddenly recognized what I have written and what description I have made about our daily life’s here in Iran. To be honest, I got surprised of its accuracy and sharpness … I got afraid!

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