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Sunday, March 05, 2006

In Hope for Pluralistic Iranians

Iranians new generation differs a lot to their parents’ generation. One of the most important sights of this difference could be observed in their relationships with people who do not exactly believe in similar ideas.
Iranian parents were not tendentious to relate largely with people holding different ideas and lifestyles. Despite the parents have been grown up and educated under a so called secular regime who have deeply willed to omit the religion from Iranian lifestyle and the youth have been grown up and trained by an ideological regime which is still targeting the Iranian society in wish to extend Islamic lifestyle among them, now it is ironic that Iranian youth are experiencing a view to their believes in a full contrast with their parents. You can easily address young Iranians who have various ideas about the life and the universe and even about the God and they are really friends! This ideological tolerance is so strong that even some youth people have friendly relationships for years but they do not know what exactly their friends do believe in and do not believe in - and that is because they do not really care about the issue.
This tolerated multi-ideal sphere could help Iranian young society to reach a pluralistic culture, which could bear various colourful ideas and believes - just the factor that Iranian society suffers lack of it today!

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