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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ahmadinejad is dreaming of President Mc Cain!

The election is taking place in US. Its winner would lead great impact on the world.

That's true to consider the job as the most powerful seat in the world. But this time is different and the 44th US president would even affect on who would be the next Iranian president.

Ahmadinejad is suffering his worse days. Any of economic and political problems his cabinet is suffering now was enough to disappoint any other cabinet. Though he might be the first incumbent candidate who would lose.

The affect might not be so clear now but it's easy to assume that Mc Cain would make the situation a little better for Ahmadinejad and his supporters. He would hang on supposed "President" Mc Cain's tough words to justify his own aggression and annoy to the western world.

Ahmadinejad and other Iranian hardliners would enjoy such phrases that "the enemy is waiting for our weak and for tolerance to beat us".

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