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Thursday, August 23, 2007

"God's Warriors", the Jews

Tonight I watched Christiane Amanpour’s “God’s Warriors” first part which has been made about Jewish fundamentalist people and organizations. I think that was excellent and a little late!

As an Iranian student in Sociology and a freelance journalist, I should deeply thank Christiane because of her brilliant work with which I saw new horizons in my studies and in my interest. I got exited by watching the scenes she got portrayed and the quotes she made documented. If we agree that there would not be any story or documentary which would be really objective and wholly true, her Jewish “God’s Warriors” would be one of the best documentaries which have got close to be objective and true, ever I saw.

The documentary has truly represented the real nature of fundamentalism which leads to terror; the nature which is multi-religious rather than being Muslims', Jews' or Christians'. I believe that she have truly managed to show the obscure line between being faithful to a religion and being so fundamentalist to let call yourself a terrorist so easily that those people in her documentary could.

Terrorism which originate from religious fundamentalism in some part, is the final synthesis of lots of trends; the point which lots of people – even decisive ones – could not realize. Such works like hers would be watched globally and I believe she would take part in shaping the future world by doing such documentations.

Although her documentary was almost the first one in its field with such an in-depth view, I can tell that it's quite late for such a documentary. Maybe there are some concerns and observations which she have to take care and might step slowly forward because of them, but I’m sure she would do agree with me that sometimes it would be too late to talk and make documentations about a trend. They do not wait for us to pull together and make such brilliant works like she did. But I insist she were the first and that’s what she’s been called as Christiane Amanpour!

Considering the sharpness and the objectivity of the first part of “God’s Warriors”, I would follow the other two parts. My image of her has aways been a Zionism-friend! Although I still could hardly imagine her as a Muslim-friend journalist yet, but what she have done in the Jewish part of the documentary made me to reduce her position in my mind to an Israel-friend and may be truly a Zionism-foe.

Christiane and journalists alike her, are teaching me great by their lessons as I am virtually in a distance-class. I hope to be such a journalist; even with more objectivity, curiosity, and intelligence.

Christiane Amanpour responded to me:

"Many thanks for your comments and I am so pleased you enjoyed the report. CNN won the ratings and we are pleased that the message seems to be: serious news wins!"

Best wishes,

The Other two parts on Muslim God Warriors and Christians, were as shocking and brilliant as the first part.
Don't miss them!

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