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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The "Shoe Intifada"

It might sound funny to you if I tell you about how the Iranian media sources have gotten so excited about the shoe which missed Bush in his visit to Baghdad (just like some Arab media).

IRIB and some other conservative media sources, such as Farsnews, named the incident the "shoe intifada".

An IRIB reporter went among Tehranis and gave them his own shoe. Pointing to a tree or something else, he asked them to imagine that Bush is standing there and to throw the shoe at him.

A young man told the reporter that he believes "a journalist's gun is his pen not the shoe". But there were so many others who tried their chance to beat Bush in their imagination with the IRIB reporter's shoe. This was played over in all the news programs in the Iranian state-run TV channels.

This is the "shoe intifada", according to the IRIB, Farsnews and Kayhan. By the way, there were lots of Iranian journalists who have criticized Al-Zaidi's attack.

Ali Haq is only one of them who askes in his blog: Is that ok for me to shoot a shoe to someone who is responsible for all the economic problems by which Iranians are suffering severely?!

Iranian students remember same December days two years ago when some shoes were aiming Ahmadinejad in Amirkabir University (AUT)!

Read more on how "Shoe-sympathizers advise Bush".

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