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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Iranian online reaction to Egyptian Aliaa's photos

Some Iranian users have supported Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, Egyptian feminist who published nude photos of herself to "express her freedom".

Mohammad Salemi, an Iranian blogger based in North America, published his nude photo in support of Aliaa.

He writes [Fa]:
By publishing my nude I am supporting this Egyptian girl and criticizing this beautiful young female blogger.

He quotes his female friend, Mina, on Friendfeed says [Fa]:
Aliaa fits to main-stream beauty standards and publishing nude photos of such a body is not so extra ordinary. If some aged women with non-mainstream beauty has done the same, that would be revolutionary; but nude artistic photos are not conflicting the market nor the patriarchy and sexism.

Mohammad's photo received reactions [Fa] in his Friendfeed page.

Some Iranian bloggers are supporting him as an "appropriate" reaction and support to Aliaa' photos, and some are criticizing his act as a "ridiculous" one.

Another male Iranian blogger, Arash Daklan, posted his own nude photo, suggesting that Aliaa doesn't need support.

This Paris-based blogger writes [En]:
Aliaa does not need to be defended. She has made her words. From now on this is the intellectual who should defend herself/himself. If Aliaa is executed or anything bad happens to her, this is the intellectual’s action whose action is ethically under question.

Mahshid Rasti, an Iranian women activist, shares Mina's idea about supporting Aliaa.

She writes in her blog Zananeha [Fa]:
Aliaa did a venture act... and she has done something extraordinary and unique.opposing Arab world fundamentalism.

But this Europe-based blogger asks:
If she was a woman in her 60s with 40kg overweight was she welcomed like this?

Mahshid believes:
Most of those who are sharing Aliaa's nude pictures are not actually supporting her act, but they have an approach toward her like an object.

This Iranian women activist writes:
As long as our society is interested in women bodies, not their ideas, we should oppose such a society and its values.

According to her Twitter biography, Aliaa identifies herself as “Secular, Liberal, Feminist, Vegetarian and Individualist Egyptian”. She also wrote on her Facebook page that she was “echoing screams against the society of violence, racism, sexism, sexual harassment and hypocrisy”.

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