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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Kurosh asks: What would you do?

Awhile the controversies and analyses about the next steps of Iran Nuclear Crisis, Kurosh Alyani had argued a public question to all his Persian readers who have weblogs: If supposing – just supposing it - that Americans bombard some places in Iran, what would you do?
Kurosh have also suggested 8 options for his audiences to choose:
1. Is it my business?! I would just drink my champagne!
2. I would sign a serious petition, would lobby with Iranian immigrants around the world and would want Kufi Anan and the head of countries to stop those mad actions.
3. I would book in a local voluntary military group to defend my homeland.
4. I would make a “nasty shit bomb” and would go for the first American institute or establishment.
5. I would get the same “nasty shit bomb” and trace for some idiots who have caused such an attack.
6. I would do something that Americans forget Bin Laden and Al Zarqawi’s names and get more familiar with Persian names.
7. What could I do? This is U.S.! Not a joke!
8. I would think. I would think as much as I could find a rational solution. Finding a rational solution is too difficult sometimes but is never impossible.
Kurosh Alyani has asked all his audiences to answer his question in their weblogs, as much as they could write in detail. He has written that he would link to all the answers which have been informed by his email address in his blog.
I would write more about my answer to him and other answers also. But Kurosh’s recent post identifies the new public sphere that has been formed in Persian blog-sphere better.
Kurosh Alyani is a graduated student of Sharif University of Technology and has been known as an Iranian journalist in recent years.

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