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Friday, November 02, 2007

Can a culture of respect be introduced?

This question could be suggested that if there has been a similar issue about some other major religions like Jewry or Christianity or Buddhism, would these justifications about "freedom of expression" work as much as now?!
I think what European Muslims want is the very rights that other Europeans already have, just like Christians, Jews, and non-believers. It seems that European Muslims are addressed by their governors as “Europeans”, just when they rely on those Muslims support!
Europe could make this image correct this time, if its governors want the Individual Rights to be respected in a real manner.

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Would Gul make a good Turkish president?

It’s now the time in which western states and also Turkish army should accept the modern face of a Muslim politician; who do believe and practice in Islam but is not against the modern values like equality, secularity and globalization.
Gul could be a proper and practical figure who'd be a good example for other Muslim politicians in future. So Europe should not only be against him, but also help him in his inspiring way.
Muslim world lacks such figures, not all of those rhetoric words!
(Published on BBC haveyoursay)

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What is the future for the BBC?

Although there would b more news corporations as large & as professional as BBC in the years ahead, this corporation would still b the most quoted & the most reliable broadcasting corporation in the near future because of its structural independence which has been institutionalized by its disciplines & guidelines. I think the BBC would manage its budget 2 maintain & develop its quality. But the corporation should get more active in other countries like which lack the variety of medias like Iran.
(Published on BBC haveyoursay)

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Iranian nuclear negotiator resigns: Your reaction

In Iran those important figures like Larijani always resigns instead of getting dismissed! I think his dismissal is a clear and shouting sign to the west which means the time of confrontation have already came. That means there is no time for negotiations anymore!
(Published on BBC haveyoursay)

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Do you welcome deal on EU Treaty?

The more powerful EU means the better world for me! A mono-polar world like which we are living in now, means the exact catastrophe which we are experiencing these days. Tough-minded international leaders - who empower each other by their ideas and decisions - would not take the opportunity to fool their nations and climb the elevator of democracy, anymore! It's obvious that a poly-polar world - which EU could help to give birth - would be a better pace to live in!
(Published on BBC haveyoursay)

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Will sanctions stop Iran's nuclear programme?

Iranian hardliners are making their endeavor to justify their radicalism and may be their suppression as a response to the western enemy.Such sanctions would only give some powerful reasoning to those hardliners and make them sustainable in their current position. If the western leaders prefer to see someone like Ahmadinejad in power and make his friends more powerful, of course the sanctions would work and make them satisfied!